6 Reasons Why Health Insurance is Important at Early Stages of Life!  

There is an age-old proverb “Health is Wealth”. In this modern rush, life cannot be guaranteed. The rise in pollution, indifferent eating habits, hectic work schedule; all have contributed to deteriorating the health of a person. In addition to this, the tolling number of terminated disease and unexpected mishaps has also added in decreasing the overall life expectancy.

While the cause of the steep decline in human health can be blamedfor various reasons; there is no denying that health insurance has come to a great rescue for every age group. Many people argue that health insurance is required at later stages of life,but you should opt for it even if you are too young!

Here are a few reasons for this –

  1. No concern for a waiting period

Health insurance has a waiting period of 30-90 days and this waiting period increases with age. Most of the health insurance companies do not provide any benefit for the common ailments like tract stone, arthritis, cataracts etc. If you buy health insurance at an early age, you don’t have to feel concerned about these factors,and you can pass on waiting period quite smoothly.

  1. Premium

Money matters most to everyone,and when it comes to the health insurance premium, it is directly proportional to your age. So without waiting, hurry for health insurance now!

  1. Age limit and coverage

When people get older they are more prone to chronic health issues, this is the main reason why most of the health insurance companies come with an upper ceiling of age limit. In most of the cases, it debars above the 50s from buying insurance or allows with many limitations. So opting for a health insurance at an early age can give you maximum coverage and benefits.

  1. Tax benefit

Under section 80D of Income Tax Act, 1961 the health insurance premium is deducted from the total income. Therefore, by opting for health insurance at an early age, one can surely enjoy tax benefit apart from health benefit!

  1. Accumulation of Higher Bonus

Most of the health insurance companies reward policyholders with a bonus if they don’t makeany claim in preceding years. If you opt for health insurance at early ages, there will be less probability of health claim. In this way, the accumulated bonus will increase your coverage amount which can prove fruitful at later stages of life.

  1. Life Uncertainty

Human life is unpredictable. Nowadays, young people are also vulnerable to many heart and lungs disease. Never to say, the number of accidents and road mishaps are also tallying these days. Although life insurance is the solution for such cases but health insurance also provides coverage underminor accidental care.

Health insurance is as an additional security cover!You will not have to worry about big-small health issues at later stages of life when most of the health insurance company rejects the insurance application.

Remember, when you are healthy, it also gives a feeling of security among your dependents. So choose a family health insurance inthe early age and enjoy it’scomprehensive coverage for a lifetime!